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INNODEV is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 (Reg. #1355). Our team comprises of a dynamic pool of experts, which include social workers, consultants, activists, lawyers, and educators; we are all dedicated to achieving youth empowerment.

INNODEV promotes a positive and active social, environmental and educational attitude and conditions, thus endows the youth with skills, resources and awareness to achieve better livelihoods in a just, secure and healthy society.

INNODEV works primarily on youth empowerment because the youth hold within them the potentials for transforming the present into a better future. These youth are capable of envisioning and creatively developing dreams of today into realities of tomorrow.

INNODEV supports gender equality.

INNODEV believes in transparency, accountability, empowerment, equality, partnership, networking and nondiscrimination.

INNODEV provides professional expertise to people with passion to make a positive change in their communities.

INNODEV is keen on raising awareness and concern among Lebanese on environmental challenges and understanding on waste problems, targeting mainly school students, University students.


We aim for a society with active and responsible citizens capable of making positive differences in their communities.


INNODEV engages youth in creative, innovative, productive and sustainable activities and programs, which allow them to realize their potentials and become involved citizens and agents of change in their communities.

What We Do


Empowering Youth

Young women and men are particularly affected by development challenges at all levels, frequently faced with disproportionately high levels of unemployment, insufficient access to education and professional training, intolerance and exclusion, among others.

Youth Empowerment gives young people the opportunity to develop the ability they need to become effective members who can influence their communities and earn a living, by providing them with the necessary skills training such as (Life skills, Communication skills, Team work, Leadership, Marketing, Social media, Career building)

Lebanon has been suffering lately due to harsh political conditions. The Lebanese public and especially the youth are feeling more and more powerless and unable to influence their surroundings.

Their only choice is to accept the current political situation and to live life outside the problems of their community. The Lebanese public is too depressed with the tense political situation plaguing their country to the extent that they are giving up hope on democratic reform.

INNODEV believes that there is a possibility to change this situation by empowering the youth and make them feel that they can make a difference in their society, specifically if they are given training on advocacy and high media profile activism. This will not benefit the youth alone, but it can also inspire the Lebanese public and give them hope to realize that change is possible.

Empowering Women

Women are one of the most essential members in every society. Power should be marginalized in each and every single woman to allow them to play an important role in the society. By empowering women, we are indirectly achieving gender equality.

INNODEV help women in rural and marginalized areas to acquire skills and confidence in order to secure a job and regain a home for themselves and their children ensuring by that a healthy lifestyle. This will be achieved by organizing all kind of activities that help these helpless women discover and define their role in the community and to become effective members of their society.

Art & culture

During times of war and political unrest, the last thing the masses tend to have on their minds is art and culture. Though history has shown us that during difficult times artists have been able to come up with inspiring and groundbreaking work, this specific type of culture does not exist in Lebanon. We have not had a Picasso’s Guernica, not because we do not have the qualified artists, but rather because we barely have an active and nurturing cultural environment.

We believe that art and culture have a big role to play in helping Lebanon gain stability, security and an identity. We can no longer wait for things to become “stable”, as that time is undefined. Rather, we have to grab what valuable assets we have now; we have to support our artists and cultural thinkers and we have to come together to exhibit and experience these treasures in the most professional way that we can. We have to maintain our grounding for growth, dialogue and exchange.

For a long time now, at least in many of the Arab cultures, if any of the youth want to break into the art scene (or music scene, or theatre scene, or so on), they need to have an alternate source of revenue. For many people, this means working another job or two or three (retail, business, etc.).

Artists have to struggle to make a living, as art is not even considered a profession. On the other hand, youths who are the backbone of every society, its future and its hope for development and prosperity, are struggling because of the unemployment crisis, which is forbidding them from achieving their goals in all fields and especially in the artistic field for it is known that “Art” is marginalized in our country and is not considered as a career nor it is encouraged.

Protecting the Environment

Waste Management & Reduce plastic pollution

We aim to Increase Environmental Awareness among Students, develop environmental literacy among students—the environmental knowledge, ethical, values, skills, attitudes and behaviors they need to become environmental stewards. We are laying the ground work for a whole generation that’s going to look at trash very differently!

In specific the program is expected to contribute to Create public awareness about waste in general and more specifically the plastic garbage found in our seas, and to Promote sustainable practices and generate knowledge for young people about Zero waste practices and processes for waste Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

How can Educators, Students, Schools and Communities go green?

Educational and awareness efforts can target practically any sector of society.
Focusing on Environmental Awareness Campaigns for school students:
Awareness raising campaigns are often most successful when they are targeted at specific groups because information can be tailored to the activities, needs and challenges of the group. Additionally, involving Youth and communities in environmental protection and enforcement can create a sense of stewardship towards the environment. INNODEV raised public awareness on environment development issues and mobilized people to take actions that have contributed to positive changes for the environment.

Recycling Trash to Treasure:

We empower students to know how they too can turn their own trash into treasure by creative recycling and start using, wearing, enjoying their old and unwanted things, again and again! learning new skills and teaching others. It is hugely social and feels good!
Recycling is one of the best ways for people to have a positive impact on the world. It has many benefits and make the world a much cleaner and greener place to live in. It should be a responsibility that everyone should take upon themselves. Students are collaborating and discovering ways to use recycled items, through cultural and artistic activities (“Art& Crafts”,” Story telling”, Awareness & Animation films...). The beauty about this is that once they started it, they won’t be able to stop. It will be happening all around them. They will be aware enough to stop being a consumer who is told by the consumer industry what to buy and when to buy it. When turning trash to treasure, they will use less resource, they will create less waste, they will live a more sustainable life and it feels good.

Climate Change

Climate change is the worst environmental disaster facing our planet. It has been labeled as the worst threat to humanity by the United Nations and European Union. Our overdependence on fossil fuels has caused havoc to our climate. Human caused climate change is a reality, and Lebanon is one of the heavily impacted countries.

It is predicted by United Nations’ scientists that Lebanon will suffer from draughts and a loss of agriculture. North Africa’s deserts will expand and cover part of our country. Fortunately, there are proven energy solutions we can put to use today to provide sustainable development and energy for all.

Every country has a role to play, and Lebanon is no different. Our program will include activities such as climate change awareness and developing documentation on climate change impacts in Lebanon.

We aim for a society with active and responsible citizens capable
of making positive differences in their communities

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