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Who we are!

INNODEV engages youth in creative, innovative, productive and sustainable activities and programs,
which allow them to realize their potentials and become involved citizens and agents of change in their communities.
INNODEV promotes a positive and active social, environmental and educational attitude and conditions, thus endows the youth with skills,
resources and awareness to achieve better livelihoods in a just, secure and healthy society.

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- Youth

INNODEV works primarily on youth empowerment because it hold within them the potentials for transforming the present into a better future.


- Women

INNODEV believes in transparency, accountability, empowerment, equality, partnership, networking and nondiscrimination.


- Environment

INNODEV provides professional expertise to people with passion to make a positive change in their communities.


- Art & Culture

INNODEV is keen on raising awareness and concern among Lebanese on environmental challenges and understanding on waste problems.

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We aim for a society with active and responsible citizens capable
of making positive differences in their communities

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